Private international procedure for the selection of an eligible entity for the purchase and improvement of the Complesso Monumentale of Santa Chiara in Pisa.

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As part of the contract for the construction and maintenance of the New Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa (located in Cisanello), the enhancement is planned and, once the construction of the new hospital is completed, the sale by the current owner, the Pisan University Hospital, of the Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara (located in the city centre) to the prospective purchasers (or for person to be appointed) Fincantieri Infrastrutture Sociali S.p.A. (“FINSO S.p.A.”) (Florence) and Consorzio Integra Soc. Coop. (Bologna).

To carry out its activities, Consorzio Integra assigned the works to its own members CMB in Carpi (province of Modena) and CMSA in Montecatini Terme (province of Pistoia); the latter companies, together with FINSO, have set up a consortium company, called Nuovo Santa Chiara Hospital Scarl.

The Nuovo Santa Chiara Hospital Scarl company therefore works on behalf of the prospective purchasers to carry out enhancement work, under which falls the “Regenerate Santa Chiara” procedure.


FINSO, present in Italy and abroad for over 40 years, is a direct subsidiary of Fincantieri Infrastructure SpA, belonging to the FINCANTIERI SpA group, one of the most important shipbuilders in the world, with over 230 years of history and over 20,000 direct workers.

FINSO is a general contractor for construction projects and technology supply and stands out for its ability to create products with high system and technological complexity, ranging across different sectors: from major interventions in public and health construction, from civil and commercial construction, to the industrial, pharmaceutical and agri-food sectors.

FINSO is able to arrange all the stages of the executive process with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, focused on project management and with a strong orientation towards innovation.

Public and private healthcare infrastructure represents one of the main reference sectors of FINSO, together with its operations as a system integrator in the supply of medical instrumentation, supporting Clients in all the activities related to supply, installation, testing, training and after-sales service.

The company also offers itself as a valid interlocutor in large public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the health, energy and facility management sectors.

The company also has adopted an Integrated Management System in the areas of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility, in compliance with international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001 and SA 8000.


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Consorzio Integra Società Cooperativa

CONSORZIO INTEGRA is a unique reality in the panorama of Italian companies operating in the construction and services sector. The characteristics of the membership base, the widespread presence in the local territory, the technical and economic-financial requirements, the significant work portfolio, the vocation for integration among the various sectors – construction, systems, services, engineering – and the drive towards innovation as a tool to be successful in the market are the main strengths of the Consortium.

The membership base – with over 140 members distributed throughout the country, turnover of 6 billion euros and around 60,000 direct employees – is made up of cooperatives that are among the main players in the national construction and services market and medium and small cooperatives, whose operations are more rooted in the territory to which they belong, with a wide range of skills and specialisations.

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CMB Società Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi

Specialising in civil and hospital construction, CMB Società Cooperativa designs, builds and manages major works. Founded in 1908 and with over a century of experience, CMB is solidly founded on a substantial intergenerational heritage, built on people and their professional skills, capable of enhancing every project both in the construction sector and in the infrastructure and facility management sectors.

The company is equipped with an integrated management system certified ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 45001 for occupational safety and ISO 14001 for the environment. CMB is the first Italian construction company certified for BIM by ICMQ and has gained the international SA8000 certification for Social Responsibility. It is registered in the second category of the General Contractor Register and holds the qualification certificate for the execution of public works for 33 categories.

CMB’s self-promoted real estate business was set up in Milan in the 1990s. Today the company has shown its ability to evolve and look to the future, developing successful real estate initiatives in various Italian cities. Through its understanding of market changes and housing needs, placing the end user at the centre of the project, CMB is oriented towards the production of high quality and technologically advanced construction, also starting partnerships with investment funds for the redevelopment of the local territory.

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CMSA Cooperativa Muratori Sterratori e Affini

CMSA is a historic Tuscan cooperative, founded in 1944 and over the years that has become a reference point among national general contractors, operating in strategic sectors in construction and in the management of building, infrastructure and environmental complexes. The company’s history has been characterised by a constant and close relationship with internationally renowned designers for the development of integrated tenders in both the public and private sectors and a solid and competent technical structure.

The company has an effective integrated management system with the most important certifications: SOA for 24 job categories, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SA 8000, registration in the RFI qualification system, in the White List and in special registers.

The production capacity of CMSA is applied in the sector of third-party contracts and in real estate development and urban redevelopment and ranges across civil works relating to all types of use, with a strong specialisation in the recovery and restoration of classified heritage properties.

Today CMSA is engaged in the digitalisation of production processes, with particular attention to the offer of BIM management services, which allow the integration of the digital project model and the computerised management of the work site, which is also useful for the maintenance and management of the assets being realised.

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Yard Reaas S.p.A.

YARD REAAS is an independent group, leader in Italy in real estate consulting and integrated management of real estate services.

In synergy with YARD CAM and YARD RE, subsidiaries of the Group, it operates both in the institutional market and in the distressed segment for the top players in the sector: foreign and Italian investors, banks, AMCs/funds, industrial groups, private equity and family office funds. It boasts over 30 years of experience in the technical (due diligence and project management), environmental, evaluative, and managerial (property management) fields.



In the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sector, it was in 2015 the first real estate consulting firm registered in Italy for PRI – Principles for Responsible Investments. It counts around 200 internal resources, a network of 500 technicians and approximately € 45 million in revenue.

The Group is present in Italy with offices in Milan (the headquarters) and Rome, and abroad in the UK and in France, with its London and Paris offices.

Peculiarity of the Group, first in the Italian market for size and completeness of services, is the ability to offer the client under a single direction a transversal consultancy of technical, valuation and management type in every real estate field.

Yard Reaas is in charge of Real Estate Management on behalf of the Nuovo Santa Chiara Hospital Scarl, in the context of the valorization of the Santa Chiara Monumental Complex.

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